Nice words,

Never let it be said, that I don’t have a nice word for other people. Apparently the British Council who’s chair is Neil Kinnock (the best thing that ever happened to him losing that election), conducted a survey of non-english speaking countries to find the most beautiful English word, and Mother was top, as the BBC point out, if you did this survey her, you would get different words.

I quite like words, which is strange given my disposition to spell them so badly, and the tendency they have in my sentence construction to appear at random. So I though I would inflict on you some of my favorite words:

sesquipedalian : which means the over use of long words, and this single word sums up the things that English, language, class system, and empire where all built upon.

defenestration : the act of throwing someone out of the window. Apparently it all started in Prague as a past time for disgruntled citizens

Medireview : which is what happens when you let, yahoo near your email, they get all medireview on your ass..

and while we are on the subject of language did you notice my use of the Oxford comma ?