Shaun Joseph Yo-Yo

Shaun Joseph yo-yo is Daisy’s new teddy bear. The name was given to him by Niamh (Daisy’s cousin, age 5). The only problem is we could have a custody battle on our hands.

I have to be honest, I’ve forgotten who actually got Shaun for Daisy, but he was sitting waiting for us when we visited my sister, and he is quite cute even with his beer belly. With all the stuff, that goes with a baby when you travel, we forgot to pick up Shaun when we left, and speaking to my sister yesterday, it seems than Niamh has taken it upon her self to look after Shaun (in a vice like grip) until Daisy’s return.

Niamh has said she is just looking after Shaun, but was wondering if she could take him to school. My sister said, no, he will get kids germs all over him (quick on your feet parent thinking, we will have to master that), Niamh has now said,

“he can stay in my bed room, and I will bring him down for Dasiy, to play with when she comes, because she didn’t seem to like him much and teddy bears need to be loved.”

Never a truer statement has been made, given the huge amount of teddy bears daisy now has, Shaun could live with Niamh for now, as long as Daisy gets good visiting rights.

1 thought on “Shaun Joseph Yo-Yo

  1. As far as I’m concerned, Niamh can have him. Daisy’s got plenty of teddies, already, and Niamh has clearly taken a shine to this one. That said, we should probably talk to Caroline about whether she wants her to keep it – either for clutter related reasons, or because of the Valuable Lesson surrounding the fact that it was Daisy’s, given to her her by their Great Great Grandmother (and how many kids even have one of those?!).

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