Silly purchase of the week,

Has to be, another domain name.

OK so I am sad, but this week I purchased for a very reasonable price of just under ?5 for two years. I don’t actually know why I bought it now, but it does give us a website name we can move about if we want (although I do hate the whole hiding your webpage in frames thing it does) and we can now have yet another set of emails.

being nerdy of course there is a question as to why it’s as opposed to, and the answer, I liked more, sorry, I know I should have done the ‘proper’ thing and got the right domain, but hey. It rolls of the tongue better in my opinion.

this does of cause mean that we now own two domains, and the second one, I registered while in university, back in the heady days when I though I may start working for myself. I’ve kept it just incase, I ever get around to finishing anything I start, and putting software on the web, or something like that. It has no great meaning, its actually a TV reference, to quite a poor comedy program, that was on the beeb, with the mighty sword of dobber. It seemed funny at the time, but now it’s just a quite cool name, which I happen to own the uk domain for.