Like most employers, the university runs a suggestion scheme, where staff can come up with suggestions that may improve the practices of the university, and you could win up to ?25 for suggestion of the month (I wonder if we get a suggestion every month).

Anyway the guidelines are

  1. The scheme is open to all employees
  2. Suggestions are welcomed from any area/topic but should not be retrospective or part of an individual’s own specific job duties
  3. Please include as much supporting information as possible to help with the evaluation of the idea

Number two is the one I’m interested in, it implies, that ideas and/or suggestions I have that are retrospective to my job will be evaluated and considered by the management of the department I work for, as a matter of course, and so don’t need to be submitted formally. Now I have to admit, most of the time this is OK for me, but I bet like in any large company, there are manages who aren’t willing to listen to ideas from below.

I suspect that the reason for this guideline, is to stop people trying to make money or just bombarding there department with ideas to waste time, but I wonder, can’t a suggestion scheme work better if you are allowed to suggest things directly relevant to how you work.