Political battles, I can’t be bothered with,

Maybe it’s my lifestyle changes, maybe it’s just that five years is taking it’s toll (I actually suspect the latter). I just can’t be bothered with political battles in work at the moment.

true to form, people are using a recent problem we had, to push there own political agenda. At the moment this is taking the form of managed clients, versus ‘unmanaged’ clients within the department (most unmanaged clients are infact, reminents of the client I developed as part of another project, and people got very upset). Pushing the man’s agenda, as it where, except, I don’t like the managed client.

I’ve thought about it, and I think it’s mainly snobbery on my behalf, because I know how good it could have been. There is also some common sense, to do with being able to test new software, and fixes before we release stuff (and again, some people see this as ‘playing with new toys’, a very short sighted view in my opinion).

I suspect that this battle is brewing this week, but I can’t be bothered. At the end of the day, it’s the university that looses out, and it’s quite sad, I appear to have had the creativity beaten out of me, and if you want to remove the potential for me to develop new and useful tools for the university (and I’m not being big headed but I do have a history of this) then fine. I will just do what I am asked to do (and hence a lot less work)*.

* the reality is i can’t help my self, and i will no doubt, engage in a debate, and even when it’s over still go on to come up with new stuff, that we need, but isn’t asked for.

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