I tend not to blog about blogging, because most blogs you see are in fact just about how cool they think blogging is, they either say; “this is my first blog” or “I have been using X to blog and it is cool”, or sometimes, “have you seen so’n-so’s blog, it’s cool it has loads or information on….. blogging”.

That said, I am still going to post this: I think more people should blog, so I am writing a short encouraging post, with some pointers:

what is blogging?
blogging in case you missed the last few years, is this, basically its an on-line diary or log if your nerdy, because it’s on the web and its a log, its a web log, which because people are nerdy, is shortened to blog. blogging is posting messages to a blog.

how can I do it ?
well there are many way’s and it all depends on what you want to have at the end

  • you can go for the all singing all dancing bloging tools, but you do require some web space that allows you to run code, and a fairly healthy understanding of that code.
  • you can have something like this, which is on our web space, but all the hard work is done by blogger, again you do need to know a bit of html to get anything as fancy as our pages
  • you can go simple, where everything is done for you, and the web pages live on the server of the company who are doing the blog.

the simple way is probably the best for most people, so you should look at either blogger or the new MSN Spaces (which I have been playing with this morning), these two services are run by big companies (blogger is owned by google), and have quite nice interfaces.

From what I have seen of them I would actually recommend MSN spaces to anyone who uses MSN messenger (because it integrates with the new version that is currently in beta), and what’s a nice simple site, with piccies and stuff like that. The only problem I have with MSN at the moment is the lack of support for non IE based browsers, this is where blogger is much better, but it is simpler so you are limited as to what extras you can add on.

so go on, blog, and don’t forget to tell me that you have started one.