Daisy the increasingly interesting baby

Its not that daisy was boring before (despite what her cousin may say), she just didn’t do much. Now almost every day, daisy is doing something new.

at the beginning of the last week, she was looking at her hands and feet, and sucking her fist quite a bit, then she started to bat her toys about on her baby gym, then last weekend she started to grab at stuff, and now she is much more accomplished at getting hold of the toys (she still isn’t very good, but she has the gist of it). Just now, she is trying to roll over, I don’t know if this is because she wants to, or just because she is reaching over and it’s just happening.

last week I claim she said dad, and I have it on tape. You have to listen very carefully, to the untrained ear, it just sounds like a baby making noise, but I know better…