The systems group meeting,

Once a month, if everybody is in, and someone can’t think of a good excuse to cancel it, we have a systems group meeting. In general, the meeting is for us underlings to be kept upto date with ‘the big picture’, but every now and again, something gets through that means we have a debate, and even rarer the debate is held at a quite academic level and doesn’t descend in to petty politics.

this month, we nearly had one of those debates. I’m not going to bore you with the details just to say, most people do have an opinion ands it’s fairly well held. Now recent events leading upto the meeting had lead me to believe that there was little point in the debate and I had promised myself that I wasn’t going to bother, because the decision had already been made, but I couldn’t contain myself.

it turns out I like debate, it’s very stimulating, and I think I expressed my point of view well, and I what is quite a shocking statement, I enjoyed the meeting. Then again we did have chocolate eclairs (bought by Stuart not on university budgets)