What weekend ?

Gosh, this weekend has been and gone already.

Daisy ended the week, with quite a bit of wind, and that meant that the weekend has been a bit fraught, we’ve also had quite a few visitors, so the attempts to catch our breath after the week, passed us by.

I think we are getting back on track now though. infacol is fantastic stuff, and it’s cleared up the wind nicely, and daisy is even asleep before 9:30; the magic cut off point where we don’t go to sleep at the same time as her.

I’ve decided at quite short notice to take next week, off, as the strain of looking after an increasingly noughty baby all week was starting to show on Ruth. She is terribly worried about my holidays but I figure that Daisy will be less intense by April, and I won’t need to take emergency holidays as often then.