Daisy is three months old already!

In fact today Daisy is 14 weeks old (which is 98 days), and it has to be said, it has flown past, while also seeming like she has been with us forever, I’ve spoken before about how intense it all is, and while she is getting a little less intense (on a good day she can play with a toy or on her mat for more than an hour in total), it can still be hard work, anyway it is all worth it, when she smiles back at you.

Over Christmas, Daisy moved on leaps and bounds while everybody around her, fussed, and generally melted to her smiles.

When performing Daisy’s favorite place is Daddy’s knee, where she can survey the room, and bestow her attention on who ever she chooses, this usually succeeds in making her the central attraction, which as we all know, is what it’s all about.

we are getting much more talking now, although it makes no sense to anyone but Daisy (she’s at about my level then), she is grabbing much better too, and some times things actually make it to her mouth before her hands do.