Daisy doesn’t sleep shocker.

Now before I start, let me say, that Daisy is a lovely baby, and I wouldn’t swap her for the world, but if all I do is post her about how fantastic and nice she is, you and more importantly me when I look back will get a false impression of just how much work a baby can be.

Last night was a good example of Daisy being difficult. The nighttime routine started as normal at around 7:45 with the Bath, followed by getting ready for bed and the last feed of the night, now having done this every night for at least the last eight weeks, we are getting quite proficient at it, so it’s usually before 8 by the time, daisy is getting fed.

I think Daisy has cottoned on to the routine now, and always has an extra long feed at night to stock her up for the big sleep, so it’s normal for this to take around 30 minutes, and if all goes well, then she’s either asleep, or very dosey, and goes down without a problem.

As you will have no doubt guessed, last night didn’t go well, at around 8:30 we tried to put daisy down, and she woke up and kicked off, so we went back to feeding, and got another attempt, but she was having none of it, so at around 8:40 I tried the walking. Now the walking use to work, infact for a couple of weeks me walking up and down with daisy, after the feed was the preferred method and took around 3-5mins to settle her enough to sleep, except she’s gone of the idea recently.

Walking appears to set her off into even more of a rage, so I’ve taken to five minutes off walking followed by five minutes of putting her down (five minutes of a screaming baby in your arms is unbelievably difficult to take), and last night that did nothing.

Now because she had been such a terror during the feed, Ruth was shattered, and after a couple more attempts at the walking and putting down, so was I. At some point we tried Daisy on some formula milk (for the first time) because she appeared to have drank all the milk Ruth had to give, but it didn’t calm her. In the end it was a ‘normal’ feed that got her to sleep, but it was past 11 when it happened, so it took over three hours to get daisy to sleep, all in all not a good night.

As a consequence, today has two very tired people wandering around it, you see we are spoilt, I know 6 hours is a good sleep when you have a baby, but we are used to more.

The hope today is that she will be shattered, and tonight she will sleep, of course she could be either Ill, windy, teething, getting more hungry, upset, or any combination of these, it’s ever so difficult to tell sometimes.

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  1. Just wait till you reach eight months – the cruel thought of just leaving her there to cry to sleep won’t seem so cruel. Looking back, I wish we’d tried it a lot before then!
    Vic (www.20six.co.uk/glowstars)

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