Asda Checkouts

“Do you need help packing your bags ?”
“It depends how fast are you planning to throw my food at me ?”

Is there no in between in shops, either the shop assistance packs the bags slowly, or they throw the shopping down the slope as quick as they can, while you battle with the plastic bag holder trying not to rip 15 bags off at once, to get your bread safely into a bag before the cat food hurtles down the slope and squashes it flat ?

I’ve taken to putting my fruit and veg on the belt last, so that at least at the end I have time to catch up while the woman (or student boy) tries to work out what exactly they press for an aubergine, because when you get to the end, and you have half the shop still to pack, and they’ve finished, there not going to help, oh no. They’ve asked once, and you said no. So you’ll just have to do it yourself, while everybody else in the queue watches.