Has nobody herd of time management ?

Today I got quite worked up, so worked up I ripped a stress toy in half, it was silly, but it just got under my skin.

Time management, is very poor, in our department, we are overstretched in some parts while being under utilized in others, this manifested itself today in a meeting where we had to say, we don’t really have the time to offer rapid response support for product B, which is true, given the current staffing levels and knowledge spread of the product through the department, we don’t have the staff to look after it 24/7.

What was annoying was the next item, we want to look into spend time learning and developing cool pluggin for product B, Hello, product B we can’t support product B everyone is overstretched, including the people you now want to pile plug in development for product B on. (you’ll never guess who I am in this).

The problem is we say yes to everyone who comes along. Taken in isolation, the requests we say yes to are valid, things we should be doing, but added all together, we need to be saying “no, sorry we don’t have the staff”.

Product B is a ‘hot’ product, that is to say, higher up the department, we like product B, product B is our baby. So now we are (probably) going to divert resources into making product B have some shiny new bells and whistles, which means we will drop something else that is more important, and has been waiting for a long time already, and has many people expecting it. In order integrate wiget A into product B, the people who lose in this are me, because I get dragged from pillar to post, and the people who think we are about to fix there problem get annoyed because we have fobbed them off.