Jump Britain,

Last night I noticed on channel 4 a program called Jump Britain, now you must understand I didn’t expect it to be about people called Jump living in Britain, but I had to check, because how annoyed would you be if you came into work the next day and found out it was?

Anyway, it wasn’t, it was about Parkour, not to be confused with Parkay flooring , it is apparently the ‘extreme sport’ or running around and jumping off things, with out the aid of a skateboard, rollerblades, or a bike.

Apparently some mad French bloke decided he would run around and jump on stuff and now people in the UK and around the world are doing it, and sorry I am probably going to offend quite a lot of people but it looks silly. Not that the nice BBC advert wasn’t cool, or the French bloke jumping around on the top of tall buildings isn’t nice to watch, it’s just the people hopping around on bollards, I expected Dawn French to show up at any moment.

Being the energetic type that I am, I’m probably not in a position to criticize people who at least do some exercise, although being a grump old man in training means I will say one thing, they didn’t warn people it was a bit dangerous, now it obviously is and even a trained baboon can see that, but we now how close baboons are to man, and occasional they do outsmart some people, so they should have said “jumping of tall things can hurt if you do it wrong”