Technical Support from Daisy,

So, Daisy has been having trouble getting to sleep, or more precisely, we have had trouble persuading her that she needs to sleep, so last night, during the part where I had give up getting her to sleep, we played with the computer, and Daisy is a natural.

Now being her farther I of course am going to say, that she got the link between pressing the keys on the keyboard and the bit 8-inch letters (Ruth has a big monitor) flashing up on the screen, but that’s only the half of it, so impressed was I with last nights performance, that I decided to show Ruth today, what a wizz daisy is.

sitting Daisy infront of the keyboard, I set up word with a massive font and 500% view, and Daisy takes some but not as much interest as yesterday, and starts hitting random keys, then she locks the PC!, now I have to say, IT professional that I am, it still took me a few minutes to figure out exactly what she was doing, even when she did it again, so Daisy IT Tip number one:

Windows-Key L will lock the workstation
So we’ve figured that one out, and daisy, starts pressing keys again, then she goes and types an accented o like this one ?. Now the first one I had an inclining you could do that, but daisy IT Tip number two:
Alt-Gr o produces an ‘?’
So after many many years in IT I now know what the ATL-GR key is for, all thanks for my 15 week old daughter. I knew that your children eventually get more technically advanced than you, but I thought I had at least another ten years, before that happened.