Gadget Envy

I’m going through quite a serious bought of gadget envy at the moment, I think it’s just that time of year, especially with all the gadget shows currently on in the US. The news is full of cool things that you must simply have now. The thing is I know, that almost without exception all the things I want wouldn’t actually improve my life by any great strides and would probably in the long run end up gathering dust, so in an effort to just clear the air, and get gadgets out of my head. Here’s the list

  • Mac Mini []
    • Why: What can you say ? Cute isn’t it, You see mac’s have always been pricey, and once you’ve added on a keyboard, mouse and monitor, this still isn’t the cheapest way to get a computer, but it’s sexy, and it comes with iLife, which is it’s biggest selling point, windows has nothing near iLife. It has all the bits (adobe elements, Windows Media player. Dance eJay, Nero), but buying them would cost closer to the price of the Mac mini, and they won’t work as well together as the alive programs.
    • Why Not: because it’s a Mac, and I work for a university who primarily have Microsoft all over the place. We have the odd Mac, and we look at the people who use them oddly too. The reality is, I know Windows, I earn a living from Windows, it would drive me mad, if I had to learn all the new stuff, just to play freecell, (does it even have freecell), oh and I don’t need a new computer, my laptop is fine, and we already have three servers.
  • DVD Writer
    • Why: because DVD is fantastic quality, no more dud VHS tapes, and the newer DVD writers come with DV in so I can archive my Camcorder tapes straight to DVD, oh and they look nice.
    • Why Not: we don’t currently, use the Video Recorder, why are we going to suddenly start taping stuff we never watch, just because the picture quality is better? And we only record about two hours of video a year on the camcorder, so it’s no real faf to capture it on the laptop now and again.
  • Digital Camera
    • Why: aren’t the current batch of digital camera’s tiny and sexy, they look very pretty.
    • Why Not: we have a perfectly functional digital camera
  • Digital Camcorder
    • Why: See digital camera
    • Why Not: See digital camera, and we don’t use the one we’ve got!!!

You see it’s all silly, but I’m taken in by people with shiny new toys telling me how great my life would be if I just had cool product X. When in reality, cool product X won’t add anything to my life, except a cool looking box and more packaging to throw away.

Of course all this costs money, and money, is something I would rather spend on food, and fixing the big hole that appeared the roof last night (the insurance company sorting it out!).

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