Solid food,

We started Daisy on solid food over the weekend.

the World health organization, and now the government, say you should wait until at least 6 months before starting a baby on solids, but most midwives and health visitors…Will not tell you this is stupid, but agree if you tell them you thinks it’s silly. Besides, Daisy is definitely ready, the reduced sleep and the increased feeding were sure signs.

In general we don’t like the contented little baby book. It’s all the rage, but most first time mums Ruth talks to think it’s scary, and far too regimented. It does give a good guide to what you should do about starting solids, so we are sort of following that.

So far Daisy, has had sweet potato, at first she just looked at us, as if to say “what are you doing?, I was just having some milk?”, but on Sunday she new what was coming, and started lunging for the spoon. Yesterday Ruth went to for lunch with her sister, and Daisy, was trying to get hold of her lunch, I think she’s caught on to this food lark quite quickly.