Daisy and sleep,

I think today may just be the day we start down the hopefully not to long road of getting Daisy to go to sleep better.

Daisy has always been a good sleeper, sleeping thought the night from almost the first week, and this is great, you can put up with an awful lot from a noughty baby during the day, if you are confident that they are going to sleep through, but the one thing Daisy hasn’t been is a good going to sleep baby.

The early tactics, where calm environment, last feed in the chair in the bedroom, and put down from there, usually this meant that daisy fell asleep feeding, which yes wasn’t a good trend, but that didn’t seem to be a problem, because after a while we progressed to feed, followed by Kevin walking around for about five minutes, causing her to nod off. We knew this wasn’t going to be a tenable position for ever (she is already very heavy), but hey we had a newborn baby that slept through, and only took around 30 minutes to get to sleep, so we weren’t complaining.

The problems have been brewing for the last couple of weeks, daisy going to sleep has been much more of a hit and miss thing, than it use to be. Most of this is down to food, which we have now started to give her, but also, I think she has started to become aware much more of us.

tonight we seem to have reached an impasse, we’ve tried 5 times tonight to get daisy to sleep, 3 times she has been asleep enough for us to leave the room, but not for long, the last attempt sealed her fate for the future. I was holding Daisy asleep in my arms, and every time I lowered her into the crib, she started to cry, If I raise her back out, she falls asleep again, and as Ruth just said, “we need to start making this work for us”.

Ruth is currently sitting next to Daisy with her hand lightly on her chest. Daisy for her part is screaming, although I think she is starting to calm down. It’s now a battle of wills, what we are hoping to achieve is a Baby who can actually go off to sleep by herself. She is more than capable, because she does go back off if she wakes up in the middle of the night.

update: Well that did eventually work, it took around an hour, but Daisy went asleep, hopefully tomorrow will be better because we will be starting this at bed time, and not the middle of the night.