More food

Daisy has picked up on this solid food lark real quick. Almost from the off, she has been reaching for the spoon, and we are having trouble keeping up.

After much searching and reading, we found that the Contented Little baby book while no doubt being one of the scariest baby books on the market, does tell you in much more detail how to do the introduction of solid foods which is always good if you are unsure.

The book ‘recommends’ (I say recommends but it is more like tires to enforce) increasing the food a little every three days, but daisy, wants more than that, after her two feeds on Saturday she was crying when it all ran out, so we gave her two cubes* of parsnip on Sunday instead of the one the book said. And she still cried when it ran out, although nowhere near as much.

Today we move on, and daisy is going to start to devour the sweet potato mountain that is in our freezer. So far we have managed to hold it together, and we have quite a supply of frozen cubes of food, from apple, to turnip, and everything we have given her, Daisy has loved, with the exception of one day when she took a dislike to some carrot, but we think that has more to do with being too hungry, than with the carrot.

*all the food is in cubes, when you start feeding you have two basic options, buy it ready made or make it yourself. Daisy being our first means we are organized, and new parent obsessed enough to make her food and then freeze them, so we just have piles of frozen pur?ed food in our freezer.