Daisy’s first ‘bump’

We’re calling it a bump, because well that’s what is was, and besides I want to play down the drama, and guilt I have after it happened.

Yesterday, at around 5:30pm I slipped on the lower part of the stairs, which in it’s self isn’t to bad, except, you’ve guessed it, I was carrying Dasiy. Now it all happened very fast, but the aches and pains in my arms and legs would suggest I tried my best not to drop her, but I did.

I think my elbow, landed on the step, and jarred me, as to make daisy fall out, and roll down the last few steps, yes, it was horrible. After watching daisy roll down about three steps and land face down at the bottom of the stairs, we had a crying baby, and an hysterical me (I did indeed lose it for a bit).

In true hich-hikers guide style, not to worry anybody, it should be pointed out at this point, that the outcome of this story, is a healthy Daisy.

Being first time parents, (or indeed parents who had just had there baby dropped down the stairs), we where a bit worried at this point, but as Daisy was hysterical, rather than floppy, we phoned our friend Tess to come and have a look, who said she looked OK, and then we took Daisy to the Minor injuries clinic who also said she was ok, so then we stayed awake almost all night checking breathing, and poking an otherwise perfectly contented sleeping baby.

today, daisy is fine, she probably can’t even remember what happened, and she has a couple of little bruises, but nothing that won’t be gone by the end of the week. I however am still a bit traumatized, and have vowed never to take my shoes off when I get home ( think I slipped on the back of my pants, how pathetic) .

It’s things like this, that make you realize how attached you have become, and how depended they are on you, and how, you can make a complete fool of yourself by simply not looking where you are going.