My day @ work

So, I bet you can’t wait, for me to rant about how bad my day has been?

Ruth is out somewhere with her dad, so I’ve come home to an empty house, so I’ll get it of my chest this way

first of all we went live with something, always a mistake in my book, and because of the nature of the way we told people, we sort of went live, when we weren’t expecting it, and of course, either lack of testing or just some random factors (lack of testing!) meant that it didn’t quite work the way it was suppose to for the first 15-20 minutes, but we fixed it.

Then the day just dragged, rants ensued and well I got hounded at my own desk, so much so that I just spent the last 45 minutes in work, walking around talking to other people, now that can’t be good for productivity can it? The problem is I don’t know how to solve the problem, I don’t have enough political weight to stop my day being interrupted every five minutes, and I suspect that some people in the department probably see this as a good thing because I am ‘sharing knowledge’, as opposed to ‘floating around avoiding hassle’ which is what I class the last three quarters of an hour as.

no doubt this pattern will continue for a few days more, it tends to go in waves…… Working from home, now that would be good (if we could organize ourselves this would be doable!), even with a four month old baby I think I would get less interruptions than I do at my desk at the moment.