Students for MPs

Our mate Charlie Kennedy*, is telling students that if they turn out to vote where they are studying that they can change the MP, he’s picked 27 seats, that if all the students turned out. They could change the result.

and we (Liverpool Riverside) are on it!, Now that’s not because we live in a marginal, Liverpool Riverside is one of the safest seats in percentage terms (15th safest labour seat). But the turnout last time was the lowest in the country(34.1%), so if all the students turn out, they would swamp the locals.

The problem is people ‘think’ they know who is going to win, so they don’t bother, or given that riverside is also the second poorest area in the country, means that people don’t feel that politicians are serving them very well?

I for one would welcome some competition on the local MP front, not that Louise Ellman is doing badly, but she could do with a little prod.

*referring to Charlie as our mate is not meant to be indicative of our political persuasions, neither is this caveat.