Points based Migration,

The government, are just about to announce there points based immigration scheme, the consensus appears to be that it will be similar to the Australian one, so I thought I’d look and see if I could get into Australia, and it’s close, but I might just be able to do it.

according to there points scheme, I would need 120 points (Skilled – Independent), as I see it this is how I score:

  • for most occupations where training is specific to the occupation : 60pts
  • 18-29 years : 30pts
  • competent English (I know it’s debatable) : 20pts
  • worked in occupation scoring 60 for more than 3 years : 10pts

This gives me 120pts which is the mark, just. Not that I want to go to Australia, it will be interesting to see when they come out if I would qualify for immigration into the UK.