The cowboys

For my sins, I occasionally still get hassle email from recruitment consultants (or cowboys as we like to call them). As is usually with most of these, the job they are trying to push has nothing to do with my skills, and more to do with some random keyword hitting me as a potential sap, how I love the personal touch these people bring to IT Recruitment.

today. I must be a web developer (I’m not, I could be, but that is another story), because after careful matching of the job spec to the people on their list I got the following email:

My Northwest based client is looking for 2 developers. With 12- 18 months and Actionscript experience. Bonus skills include Javascript, XHTML, CSS, TSQL and XML. I f you would like further information, please send in your CV in the first instance

I have a few problems with this, first, this particular cowboy has my CV, (I know it was a moment of weakness about 4-5 months ago), secondly, bonus skills ? So are they things I win? Or are they things I’m meant to have, they make it sound like a game show (and to them it is, a bit like the wheel of fortune…. Let’s give it a spin and see who we are going to harass today)

This is actually quite a good match for these cowboys, usually I’m a basket weaver in Spain or something.