We’ve got a new car!

So we did it, after convincing ourselves that the handing over of the rover isn’t going to be a major problem we went and bought our new car, in the end we’ve got a skoda octavia estate. 1.9 sdi, it’s just over a year old, and has done 7000 miles. Which meant we got it for the knock down price of ?8,600, but only after I haggled, I might not have haggled in the way Pete Wildman, would have wanted, I more just never said anything until he dropped the price by 300 pounds.

you see, we are dream customers, because we look at things before we approach anybody to buy them, and more often than not, we only want to talk to someone because we want to buy something. (as opposed to needing someone to tell us what we want to buy), so we knew we wanted the car, and we were willing to pay the ?8,995 asking price. Ruth said she didn’t want to haggle, but after the incident in India where we just took the first price that was given on the rug, I felt we owed it to Pete to haggle on something. So I struck a deal with Ruth, that every penny I got of the asking price I got to spend on me!

so we aren’t really saving money so much as giving me money! silly I know, but it was quite fun.