Collecting dad sayings,

It’s amazing how it all starts to flow after a couple of months. I’m starting to work on my embarrassing dad jokes, and week puns, but this week I have been concentrating on my misquoted sayings:

so far because I am still trying to avoid some of the things my mum and dad said, I’m adapting “there are children in Africa, who don’t even have…. (insert what you are complaining about) “, and I’ve spent most of the week saying “there are children in Asda!” as a statement of fact it’s hard to fault.

My second quote which just came out of the blue on the way home from he shops is “I wouldn’t trade that for all the sliced bread in Mexico”, Now I have no idea how much bread is in Mexico, sliced or otherwise, but I’m sure it would be worth trading for something, so it does make a point… Doesn’t it ?