Things that happen if you take a long lunch,

OK so lunch turned into a longer than expected lunch because they are digging up Liverpool, but gosh how things happened.

because I was late getting back I missed the systems group meeting, not the end of the world, but it probably means I’ve missed the most entertaining meeting of the month, but what’s happened is nothing to do with that. The building is falling apart!

Now our building hasn’t got the greatest of health and safety records, what with the sticky firedoors, and spontaneous combustion of toasters, but after lunch all the fire doors had sunk to a new low (if fire doors can do such a thing) and had been adorned with the sticker you see to your right. Quite scary you would agree.

now it appears that the bloke we saw, using an upside down bin and a screwdriver on the doors earlier in the day was testing for asbestos in the fire doors (what it’s doing there I have no idea, stopping fires I suppose), and after he’d poked a hole and presumably found asbestos, he put some sticky tape over the hole to stop it leaking out.

So now, health and safety have found out about this (they didn’t know!) they’ve hit the roof, and stopped what ever was happening, in the mean time we don’t know if the building is safe (it probably is), or why we needed to poke holes in the doors to let the asbestos out?

and the other thing?
The water supply to the building has failed so all the boilers have had to be turned off to stop them over heating and catching fire, what with the holes in the fire doors, this probably isn’t a good idea at the moment.