New car.

yippie we’ve got our new car!

After a bit of a panic over insurance cover notes we’ve picked up our ‘neary new’ Blue skoda Octavia Estate, and it’s nice and shiny, Ruth had one moment of ‘weakness’ in the showroom when we bought the car and paid the extra for DiamondBrite, which apparently keeps the car shiny, but more importantly includes scotch guard on the upholstery, and given the fact that the car will spend most of it’s life transporting a small child around. This seemed like a good idea.

Our Massive CarIt’s a massive thing though, as Ruth has said we bought it because we wanted the most practical car, but also because it was cheap, not really because it was an estate (one child and we go from a sporty three door car to a massive estate, sorry).

The showroom guy was nice, but again, they do leave me with a slimy feeling after you leave. It just must take a certain type of person to sell cars. Ruth was convinced we threw him, because she dealt with it all while I just sat there and played with Daisy, at one point he did ask me to sign something, I don’t know why when Ruth had signed all the contracts, I just signed something saying the car was clean I think.

so now we just have to wait and see how long it’s going to be before I put petrol in it by mistake

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  1. Putting petrol in a diesel car is NOT to be recommended. The Car stops… needs an expensive clean of the engine… and smells of parrafin. (The smell of parrafin is the first clue)

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