We’re still here, it was Mothers Day

It’s just been quite a hectic few weeks, and Daisy has started to be less settled at night. It’s not that she wakes up (although that too happens sometimes) it’s more that she huffs and puffs which in turn wakes me up, and I toss and turn, and that makes daisy worse, it’s a vicious circle we are planning to break by moving Daisy into her own room.

this means we are going to have to sort it all out, after using the room as a changing room for the last six months, we are sure that the cot is under there somewhere. In truth it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle, the biggest problem is the spare chair that is sitting right in the middle of the room, and the fact that we will have to take the odd door off to move furniture, but one that is done, Daisy should be in her own room, by the end of the week.

Ruth enjoyed her first mothers day. Daisy and I spent some time in paperchase in Borders picking cards. It’s all a bit hit and miss really, I just kept showing daisy two cards in the vain hope she would at least show a preference for one of them. Once we had the card, getting daisy to write on it was quite hard, the pen was of course heading for the mouth more than anything else, but we did get some scribbles.

Ruth loved it, and we took the card everywhere we went on Sunday, apparently it said, “to the best mum in the whole wide world, lots of love Margaret Allyson Jump”