Daisy’s First night in her own room,

Daisy has just woken from her first night in her own room, and it’s after 7am!

OK so she did wake up in the middle of the night and take some settling back down, but we think that has more to do with her having a mild cold than the fact we changed rooms. The last couple of nights proved to us that Daisy and Me weren’t good for each other at night, and we finally got the nursery clear yesterday.

Ruth was naturally a bit apprehensive of the whole thing, but to be honest I’m not sure Daisy noticed. The biggest difference for us is that we can no longer just lye on the bed and put our hand in the cot, so middle of the night settling down is a little harder (although when she doesn’t have a cold it hardly ever happens).

I think overall Daisy got a better nights sleep, because while her noisy huffs and puffs where disturbing me through the baby monitor, my tossing and turning was only disturbing Ruth.