Quite strange (for me)

It quite strange at the moment, I have loads to say, but in a bizarre twist, I don’t feel that this is the place to say it. There are a number of things going on at the moment, all of which I don’t think it is right to talk about here, so lets talk about solar panels….

our roof is shot, we’ve known this for a while, with the recent high winds we lost a few tiles, and the bathroom light fitting became a water feature, so we did the right thing at got our insurance company to get someone to fix it. We are still the process of getting the quotes for the full job but at least we have a dry ceiling now (although it is completely gone, and needs replacing).

The blokes who came to fix the roof, where shocked to see that we didn’t have any felt under the tiles (The roof is 100 years old, was felt even invented then?), and he also said our timbers are shot, yeah nothing new, but it made us think, if we are going to replace the whole roof anyway, is now the time to get some solar tiles put in while we are about it?, do we get the loft done at the same time, do we spend scary amounts of money on the top of our house?

well at the moment we are just trying to get costs. We’ve come to the conclusion we need to draw up a list of the big jobs in the house with rough costs, so we can then sort the list and pick what to do. So the roof and solar tiles; solar tiles are cool, eventually they should pay for themselves, and we would be doing our bit, and it might even look cool, but how do you go about getting them?

Well you can get a grant from the government that will reduce the cost by upto 50%, and many companies will install the tiles, and some electricity companies will even buy back the electricity you don’t use.

the problem we have at the moment, is getting the costs, I mean do you know what the angle of your roof is? And what is your ridge to eaves length?

the most intresting thing i’ve seen reading up on this, is what happens when you have a power cut:
Our systems for homes are entirely grid connected. If there is a power cut your system is automatically switched off. This is a safety measure designed to stop electricity leaking on to the national grid and to protect individuals who may be working to restore the power supply. Unfortunately there is no product that can be added to your PV system to act as a back up at the present time.