work is getting me down,

People, who know me, will already know I have a bit of difficulty keeping positive about work sometimes. Recently all sorts have been going on in work, and the cumulative effects are starting to get me down.

It would appear that through misfortune rather than management, i have ended up on a project that the department would rather didn’t exist, except it has to exist for us to function. It’s an uneasy place to be in, with as I see it only one logical conclusion, buy in a replacement. Now that won’t work well, because you have a lot of factors and business rules in place which mean an off the shelf system technically will as likely fail as anything else, but from a business point of view, a supported ‘big’ company solution is better than an in house dependent on programmers solution (the logic is programmers can leave, but a big company will always be there).

I’m trying to lighten my mood with nice pictures

Now at the moment most of this is circumstantial I will admit, but the evidence is there. Whenever we talk about this, we are assured that the highest level’s of the university have bought in to our solution and we have the full backing of the executive. except when we need to change even the smallest thing, we hit delays, lack of resources and sometimes refusal to change and almost always we get no political backing to change things.

now, reading between the lines on several projects it looks like we are going to be replaced, again nothing has been said, but the signs are clear to see. Personally I think the university has bought into the ‘concept’ of what we are doing, and wants the business solution, unfortunately they are not consulting with us, after all we’ve spent five years fighting with this.

i would think the thing to do, is keep us on board, and have us implement your off-the-shelf product, but I suspect that isn’t going to happen, in fact I think it already has happened, we have acquired funding to implement systems that technically clash with what we are doing.

The documents doing the rounds are coupled with a business brochure for a company selling software that is almost but not quite entirely unlike what we already do. The best case scenario is that we have bought this conflicting software to ‘compliment’ what we are doing, again without consultation this would be a nightmare, more likely they are anticipating a small side step where two systems run in parallel slowly phasing out the in-house solution. For the more ‘business stable’ product, all I can say is good luck trying that.