It’s the second easiest way to tell if someone is from Liverpool (after listening to them speak for 5 seconds), ask them about colomendy, every one who has been through school in Liverpool since the early sixties, will have gone to colomendy.

I went in ( ….. Looks at calendar…. Does some working out on his fingers….. ) 1986 at the tender age of 10. My abiding memories, are of the cold smelly dorms, and the incredibly cold river that the teachers made us stand it, to collect ‘samples’ for some educational purpose. I am almost convinced they found the exact spot where the water was just deep enough to spill over into your whellies.

There was a bit of a farm, being a townie this may well have been my first visit to a farm (although I may have done rice lane city farm at a much younger age), and again, it smelt, oh and it was cold.

it was definitely the furtherest I’d ever traveled without my parents I remember the double Decker bus journey quite well, it went on for hours with increasingly bored school children running amok, looking back don’t you feel sorry for the teachers?

anyway what prompted this random trip down memory lane? Well it appears that after 66 years, the council have finally got around to doing the place up!