Isle of Wight Day 2

Well we’ve been to woody bay, so my must do list can now be ticked off, it’s now early afternoon, and everybody who can has gone to off to have a nap.

woodybayWoodybay, was quite special. We arrived just on high tide, and after around thirty minutes of watching the waves we decided it was probibly safe to stay and have a bit of food, the sound of the sea was fantastic, and we spent a bit of time debating weather the best bit was the noise of crashing wave or the sound of the pebbles being dragged back down the beach as the water retreats (for the record i like the pebbles while caroline preferes the crash).

john was like me the first time i went to woody bay, climbing on the rocks and just looking at the sea for ages, we had to drag him off too, only with the promise that he could come back later, when the sea was out a bit and more rocks where on show.

Then we walked back past the house Ruth wants, last time it was on the market it sold for ?1 million, so it’s a bit out of our price range. The problem with the property on this bit of the island is, not so much it’s price point, but how you would earn the living to pay for them, i don’t think there are many software enginneering jobs going on the island (although with telecommuting maybe one day!), so we would pritty much have to come morgage free and then work in a cafe or something to make ends meet; not exactly the recipe for a ?1 millon house.