Daisy’s Holiday

So how did daisy cope with the Isle of Wight? Really well actually.

We where quite worried about the trip down, but daisy just saw it as an opportunity to have a longer sleep, and we only stopped once on the way down and once on the way back.

The week was a bit more difficult, after a particularly noughty couple of day’s it appears that Daisy is preparing for a growth spurt, and needs a lot more food, so now she is getting huge breakfasts (bigger than mine I think), and she seems much better through the rest of the day.

We came to the conclusion over the week, that we have now reached the point where we have to start giving daisy meat and more of a variety in her meals, up until this point, it would be a either one or two type of vegetables for lunch with one or two types of fruit for tea. Last night we made shepherds pie (less the salt) so now we have some proper food for daisy to chomp on, hopefully this will reduce the quantities a little, as her little stomach sometimes can’t keep all the food down.