Meat – Humm were unsure about that,

So, Daisy does now have some teeth; the bottom two teeth at the front are just starting to pop up. They are quite sharp to touch, and so far I haven’t had to peel Ruth of the ceiling while feeding daisy, so far so good.

Its more of a coincidence that we decided to start Daisy on Meat at the same time as when her teeth came through, not that any of the food we are giving her requires much (if any) chewing.
Last week we tried shepherds pie, I made extra quantities so we could have tea, and Daisy would have three meals of mashed up pie, except she hated it!

We think it was probably the texture, but it was an unmitigated disaster, and I am slightly worried that we may have traumatized her for life on the subject of shepherds pies. Since then she has eaten some meat meals from jars, but we aren’t too keen on jars, so we will be moving back to homemade meat meals as soon as we can get over the trauma of the last one, and I can get over the disappointment of all my hard work getting spat at me.

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  1. Tommy used to get like that – try watering it down a little so you’ve got a compromise between lumpy and sloppy/jar-like.

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