Book amnesty

I think it’s time I declared a book amnesty, as people have pointed out, our online library has quite a list of things I am currently reading, and it’s out of date too. The problem is, I have to be in the right mood for books, and I go through phases, so sometimes (like the beginning of this year, when I read the first three hitchhiker books in a month) I rattle through books, and then I stop. The next time I of course pick up another book, so as a consequence our house is littered with half read books with random receipts, train tickets and occasionally even a book mark stuffed between the pages.

Well today, to coincide with the arrival of my newest book (see bottom), that I am declaring a book amnesty, any unread books can be returned to our library, and I don’t have to have any guilt about only half reading them, so to get this out in the open here are the books I am declaring ‘closed’

So Long and Thanks for all the Fish – Douglas Adams
a good book, but the Hichhiker books tend to tail off towards the end, and I just lost interest (also I stopped reading at the point in the night when daisy was feeding). I’ve tried several times since to pick the story back up, but it’s all self indulged in flying around islington having sex, and hippies with fish bowls, and besides I know how this on ends.

The Bookseller of Kabul – Asne Seierstadm
It never really grabbed me this book. It sounds good, and indeed it does start well, but it just didn’t speak to me. Yes it’s insightful, thought provoking and original, but I think it lost something in translation for Norwegian, or it’s just to high brow for me.

The Supernatrualist – Eion Colfer
Eion Colfer, is the author of my favorite children’s books, Artims Fowl, and I always pick up the other books he writes because the usually flow with the same style and comic bits* as the Fowl books. I did struggle through The Wish List (in fact come to think of it, I can’t remember finishing it). But this book sounded and indeed is a better read than that, it’s just not worked this time for me. I thought this would be a good commuter book, to read on the train going to and from work. Unfortunately the journeys actually to short for that, and as a consequence I’ve read the first few chapters and carried the book around in my bag for a few months since.

So this is where I am at, I’ve cleared my reading decks, the more observant among you will notice that this still leaves a few books on the “what Kevin is reading” list, but they are all reference books, and to be honest, can probably just be taken off.

So what’s my new book?

Living History – Hillary Rodham Clintion
Yes I know it’s quite a contrast to my normal reading, but what with the election coming up, I thought I might as well read what the next president of the united states has got to say for herself.

no doubt I won’t finish this book either, I’ll probably read about a third of the book and then get distracted, and the whole process will start again, but at least I’ve taken away all that guilt I feel when a see a book lying half finished on the table (ah the next step will have to be actually collecting the books and putting them back in the library).