Daisy’s new Chair,

Well after pondering and pondering, Daisy’s high chair has finally arrived, so we can all stop braking our back when feeding. Previously we have been feeding daisy in her rocking chair, which was great when she couldn’t sit very well, but was so low down as to make some of the marathon feeding sessions a bit tedious.

Being gimmick people we now have our Tipp Trapp chair, which is super adjustable and goes from baby high chair all the way down to Adult trendy chair (whether or not it is trendy when Daisy is grown up remains to be seen). The main advantage of this chair, is that it makes it easy what ever the age to get everyone sitting at the table, and as we bought our breakfast table many months before Daisy was born especially for that reason, then really it seemed to be the only chair we could get.

Daisy loves it. Which of course is always important (and a relief), and now happily sits at the table for her tea, ok happily sat, we’ve only really used it once. The only down side we’ve found so far, is that daddies are a huge distraction when eating because they do the funniest things, and just can’t stop fidgeting.