Sitting up and teeth.

We’ve almost mastered sitting up now, not quite enough that we will step back and let her play with toys but enough that playing with toys is do-able before we get tired and fall over. As with all new things mornings are better for this, but surprisingly when we’re getting ready for bed, we seem to get a new spurt of energy (I always a bit unsure at this point as to whether or not she’s going to sleep) and we like sitting up when we get ready for our bath.

Brushing our teeth is still something we are getting use to, given that they are still very small we’re not to concerned, but Daisy likes to lick the brush more than chew it and it’s a little battle to get those two bottom teeth, but usually we manage.

We only have our two bottom teeth at the moment, they seem to have broken through, and then stopped growing again. Nathan our friend Lynn’s baby who is two weeks younger than Daisy by birthday, but probably more like two months in real terms (daisy was late, he was very early), got his teeth around the same time, but he’s just carried on growing them, and has loads now all of a reasonable length. I think we are going to take it slow, and do them one or two teeth at a time.