My favourite bit of the election

So the election campaign is over, most people are fed up with politics, and glad to see the back of it, for me, this is where all the fun stars.

Election night is great, and at 10pm I will be settling down in front of the telly, to see which poor politician have been given the job of explaining to Jonathan Dimbleby where it all went wrong.

Today is by it’s very nature a very quite day, because the politician all stop trying to sell us their policies. I have had a few emails from John Prescott, and Charles Kennedy, telling me a should vote, the one thing I did quite early on, was sign up for the email newsletters from each party, so I’ve had quite a bit of junk from labour, and the lib dems but bizarrely, none from the Tories, perhaps they took one look at the post code, and thought why bother.

After many days of nothing locally, we finally did get the flurry of election junk mail, including one from the workers revolutionary party, pity that was for the wrong constituency.

I have to say, I normally look at the people who I am voting for and make the decision based on that, but this year, I’m voting on national issues, after reading through all the leaflets I came to the conclusion that I didn’t like any of them, so I would have to look at the issues, and based on that I’m breaking with tradition and voting labour, it appears that their latest slogan “if you value it, vote for it” has actually rubbed of on me, so I am.

The Tories’ have admitted defeat in my book, with “vote conservative, and send a message to Mr Blair”, well if I want to send a message to Tony Blair, I can by emailing, writing or faxing him. And that would be a much more targeted message than a little cross on a piece of paper.