Less week, more weekend.

Today, the family jump took a trip to work. Not overly unusual, for me at least, but especially unusual for Daisy, and increasingly so for Ruth. This visit was more than social, it was all about starting the ball rolling on Ruth returning to work (something that is still many many months off).

You see, We’ve had enough of this five days a week working lark, and we both want to work less. Thank you very much, so we told Jim (top dude in CIS) that. One of the things you can’t fault Jim for is his attitude to flexible working, so despite his insistence that he check things with immediate managers, it’s looking increasingly likely that from sometime in the autumn part time work will begin, and we can say goodbye to all that Monday-Friday lark, and hello to three day weeks, and four day weekends! I’ve always thought the weekends should be longer than the bit you work.

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