A funny day.

It’s been quite a funny day, for me so far. I feel quite dippy, and dopey (if dippy and dopey are not mutually exclusive), oh and flighty.

“I feel quite short today… which is quite odd, because I’m six foot three”

Today started like most Monday’s I reluctantly got out of bed, got dressed, unusually I put on some casual pants and a jumper; it’s not unusual for me to get dressed, but Ruth has had me on a shirt and tie drive for work, today I didn’t wear a shirt and tie, because I am running out of pants that fit me (remember all my clothes have shrunk, and I was going to go to George in town at lunch time, and get some new pants so I can wear pant to work.

All my plans changed however when I realized that I had a dentist appointment today, dentist appointments are both unwanted and awkward, I mean no one wants to go to the dentist, and my dentist is still in Orrel park, which means I have to get the train from town and back, which makes it quite a journey. Because it’s a fair walk to the station from work, I set of a little early, to go get the train, sort of at a light jogging pace, because of how I’m Mr Rush, anyway. I tripped, and fell, more flew than fell actually, and I went right over on my knee and ripped my trousers; right across, luckily no one saw me make a complete fool of my self, so I got up and hobbled to George, and bought some work pants, and some casual trousers to replace the ones I had on.

Then I got to the dentist, and did a quick change in the toilets before getting my tooth filled, some of the more observant readers may remember that I needed a bit of one of my teeth rebuilding, and I had to choose silver or white; in the end I chose silver, on the grounds that I don’t even have the equivalent tooth on the other side of my mouth (and besides I’m not worth it, this is a self worth issue that I have running through my life, just ask Ruth about how I buy smart price yogurts when really I like Ski yoghurts). Anyway once I had told the dentist I wanted silver, she said, “oh that is good because silver is stronger and it’s quite a big filling.” . She never told me any of that last time, she made out like it was a fashion choice but it turns out it was more than that (although I suspect that if I had chosen white, she would have said, “oh good, because it’s quite near the front….”).

I got injected, without being asked which always means it’s a big job, and my tooth is all rebuilt now, and even when the numbness has gone, I don’t have any pain which is good, well I have no pain in my mouth, my knee is quite sore though.

I’ve thought about it, and I’m not going to sue the council, Liverpool has an entire legal team dedicated to claims from paving stones, all I’ve done all afternoon is rant in my head about how they should spend the money fixing the pavement and then they wouldn’t need the legal team!

oh and I feel quite short today, I don’t know how to explain it other than that. Which is quite odd, because I’m six foot three.