Pirate Movies, Hollywood, and the Spin, (a repeated rant)

Now I’ve ranted about this before, but that was over a year ago, so I’m going to rant again.

First of pirating of movies is wrong, watching pirate DVD’s is wrong, using pirate software is wrong, and accepting copies of your friends DVD’s is wrong, everyone might be doing it, but never the less it’s wrong. One of the hardest challenges I face is refusing to watch copied DVD’s without losing friends and upsetting people, you could argue I should just be frank about it, but I find it’s much easier just to fain interest and then find a reason not to take the DVD, but that is an aside, what I want to rant about is Hollywood, and the drive to removing all my rights when it comes to movies.

you see while all the above is correct; it’s also correct to state that, you should be able to copy DVD’s you should be able to copy Software, after all, CD’s and DVD’s are perishable, but when I buy a movie my right to watch that movie isn’t so shouldn’t I have the right to protect my investment? Also, I might not want to keep my DVD’s on the shelf, increasingly people are storing there movie collections on computers, attaching them to the TV and accessing there movie collections that way, there’s nothing wrong with this, except the software required to copy the DVD is illegal in many countries. This is because the movie industry has persuaded many lawmakers that there is no other purpose to coping a DVD other than mass piracy, and it’s crippling there industry.

I’m sorry, but this yet again, is all smoke and mirrors, most movies make there money at the box office anyway, and do you think a dodgy video copy of a movie will stop hoards of people turning up to watch the latest sci-fi blockbuster? No the only thing that will stop people going the cinema is high-quality DVD’s of the movies; and here’s the thing, when a movie is in the cinema, the ability to make high quality DVD’s only exist in one place, the movie studios. this is true of most early DVD copies and it’s especially true of the news right now.

the leaked copy came from the studio

the Latest and Last film in the Star Wars family, has been leaked onto the internet which to my disappointment the beeb, have neglected to mention, the leak has come from workprints leaked out of the studio. Now yet again, I have to say, you can stick restrictive copy protection on all the home DVD’s you want, restricting my right to enjoy something I’ve already paid for, but you are not going to stop people getting hold of illegal copies of your movies, until you are prepared to look at your own house.