My worries about our new life.

Firstly I have to say, I have very few worries about our soon to be new life, where I go to work, and Ruth says at home as a full time housewife, gosh it sounds so traditional.

I am very happy with the working, and the not working, and the Daisy care, I’m a little worried about the initial costs, we might incur from Ruth not returning to work, long enough to so we don’t have to pay money back, other than that my worries are just little really.

Today, I’m worried about my role in the family, I was looking at 40 ways a father can make a difference, and thinking most of these things I do without thinking about it. So now I’m worried that I’m going to somehow become less considerate, because I’m working all day. Of course now I say it, that’s just stupid, because I work all day now, and I think about these things, nothing is actually changing to make me that different.

maybe I’ll stop worrying about that then

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