A general update: 8 months

Daisy is 8 months old now, and she is coming on a treat.

We are sitting up really well, and we don’t fall over even when reaching over quite far (most falls come from trying to look behind ourself s for mummy or daddy). When we are lying down, we are investigating ways in which we could get back up, the most common (but least successful) is just trying to sit straight back up, but you need quite strong stomach muscles for that one. Sometimes we roll over and try to see what we can do with our legs, it’s all a bit strange at the moment, and stretching one leg out while we try to tuck the other one underneath does sometime result in us rolling back onto our front.

‘dadadada’ is still our favourite ‘word’, I’m not convinced we know its a word yet, but on a few occasions it has been used just as ‘dada’ and not in the middle of a load of other dada’s, particularly in the morning when daddy comes in to get us out of bed.

It’s always interesting to go in to get Daisy up in the morning, you can never tell at what angle she will be at in the cot, this weekend Ruth found her on her front, which is a first. While yesterday, I found her completely rotated, with the covers half over her face, and her feet touching the top of the cot (think she was playing boo).

Samson and Tim (the cats) have gotten a lot more careful around Daisy, since she found her grip, both of them have shown us just how flexible cat skin is when you pull it, Daisy for her part thinks they are fantastic, and they may even get bigger smiles that mummy or daddy, when they come into the room.

Tea times have become much much easier since we got the high chair. Daisy now sits at the table, and if we are really on the case she has her tea at the same time as us (although this often means that one of us, then has to eat cold/soggy tea after we’ve fed Daisy). People keep saying I’m a strict dad, because I remove all the toy’s at meal times. I just think it saves on all the washing of dolls covered in porridge.

We’re very proud of our toy play: A couple of times while lying down Daisy has been known to reach for toys above her head without even looking, and yesterday while playing with our blocks (we like our blocks) we delicately dismantled the tower until we got to the block we wanted, as opposed to just knocking them all down and picking it up. Knocking things together is quite a good game at the moment, you take two toys (or one toy and the table) and you bang them together to see what noise you get, this can amuse us for ages (which as we all know is great).

Daisy can be quite a hand full at times, but she is coming on a treat now. It’s really amazing to watch her learn a new thing right in front of you. She can start out not knowing what something is, and within 5 minutes she will have worked out what to do, and weather or not it’s funny.

Things that are funny: Sneezing, Samson and Tim, Daddy’s Hiccups
Things that are scary: Uncle John watching football, Loud Things (see Uncle John) and Daddy yawning (see loud things).