Super push chairs,

There is a ‘debate’ raging in the letters page of the Daily Telegraph, laying blame for societies failings on the humble push chair.

Sir – There is a theory that the quality of a baby’s exchange with its parents during the first 18 months of life lays the foundations for emotional engagement and entry into the realm of communication and culture (Letters, May 28, 30). Perhaps the widespread use of pushchairs in which infants face an indifferent and sometimes frightening outside world full of noise, huge wheels, marching adult legs and swinging bags, often viewed through eyes screwed up in the sun, causes some permanent damage to their psyche that shows up when they grow older.

As you may or may not remember, we spent ages looking for our pram, and got the super-mega Mamas and Papas Revisable one, which means we can choose which way Daisy faces. We have her facing us almost all the time, except for when she is in a particular difficult mood and won’t sleep while she can see us (this has happened about twice in total). Not to blow our own trumpets to soon, but aren’t we fab!