Ruth and Work,

Well all the meetings are out the way now, so we can talk about work,

A couple of weeks ago, Ruth, Daisy and I all went to meet with Jim our boss, the basic gist of it was reduced hours, both of us going part time, and sharing the looking after of Daisy. Well that plan was scotched when Jim said that Ruth’s option for part time included a different job with less responsibility. so we went away had a think, and basically came to the conclusion that no, Ruth didn’t want to work thank you very much.

So today we returned to work, to tell Jim this, he took it quite well, and now Ruth just has to hand in her notice, which given the amount of accrued holiday she has from maternity will mean that she doesn’t actually have to return to work.

I’ve had a couple of posts on hold until we knew for sure what was happening you can read them now if you want.