loose end.

I’m at a bit of a lose end at the moment, Ruth is down stairs watching a season finale for some season or other of Charmed, that she missed the first time around. Charmed is a bit to trashy for me, especially after the first 100 or so episodes. So I’ve wandered up stairs, and as I tend to do, I’ve drifted over to the laptop, and started clicking buttons.

The problem is I’m really to tired to do anything constructive, So I’ve read a few news stories, considered downloading some radio, to listen to on the way to work, decided it was to much faff, and blogged one of the most inane blogs to date, and now, I’m just writing whatever comes into my head (nothing new there then!).

things really only interest me for a smallest of moments before I pass on to something else

They had some writers on Radio 4 before, talking about things that had happened to them and then they had written about, and that’s when it dawned upon me, what is stopping me from writing (besides the bad spelling and awful grammar, you can get an editor to sort all that for you). Nothing overly extraordinary or exciting has happened to me. Not that I want anything overly extraordinary or exciting to happen, just it leaves me with very little to write about. As Ruth pointed out, I write about very little anyway, here, most of the posts are about my dislike for work, or something totally stilly like footballing robodogs. It all obeys the rule of blog; if you can be bothered then write it, if you can’t then don’t.

The problem I have is, I would like to write something, more like a book, but I have no idea what it would be about. Ruth suggested I should write about things I have knowledge in or that interest me (preferably both), I’m interested in computer programming but that’s a dull book, and things really only interest me for a smallest of moments before I pass on to something else, so I have very little that I could write a book about. Ruth then said I should follow the blog rules and just write about anything, even if it wouldn’t interest anybody else, but I’m still not sure, I don’t think I could pull off, 50,000 words or what ever it is that makes a novel.

Maybe next November I will try the write a novel in a month thing. I would need some direction, I’m quite good at making stories up on the hoof, but usually they are quite short, and lack any real coherence or continuity, if I had the vaguest hint of a plan, I could at least pad a little, and flow from one part to the next. Maybe that is what I’ll go do, but not tonight I’m a bit tired.

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