World record,

Following on from the last post

I did start the weekend thinking that I should emulate Ellen Macarthur. Not in getting wet, and going really fast over water, because I’m awful in boats; but more in the sense of setting up a record braking team (like Team Ellen). I am was going to set up “Team Kevin” and see if I could break and records.

I’ve got the first record in my sights, Coin Spinning, the world record for spinning a 10 pence piece on it’s end is 19.37 seconds. Which is from the time it starts spinning until the time it comes completely to rest. You have to do this on a flat 1m*1m surface, and have official timers and all that malarky. Well I don’t have any of that, I have a 74cm*74cm table, loads of 2ps and a video camera. So I was thinking that would be fun (for a little while) but again. I think I’m to tired at the moment, and Ruth wasn’t to keen on being my official time keeper. So I’ll leave that for a more rainly wintry day.