66 seconds of the day

An alarm clock TodaySuch is the power when working in IT, we reduced the working day by 66 seconds today. It turns out that our master time server for the university (the one all other computers in JMU use) was not updating with the main external time server we use, as a result we where running 66 seconds behind the rest of the world, so when we finally noticed today we fixed it. Thus all the computers in JMU will have gained 66 seconds between 9am this morning and 5pm tonight.

Before anyone starts celebrating/panicking it’s not free, the domain has drifted to this point over a few months/weeks, so everyone has been working slightly longer every day for months, today they get it all back, except for those people who have taken today off, they are owed 66 seconds.

Unfortunately I don’t think the train will be 66 seconds early.